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Mankind spent so much time discovering, trying, and crossing all lines of scientific knowledge that ended up not noticing the increasing dependency on its own creation. In its eagerness to finding answers about how all things work, as well as warding off uncultured minds from superstition, it gave origin to new deities and shackles. The voices of those who had some good judgement were muted by the boons provided by scientific progress.
The umbilical cord between humans and machines was created by natural selection. Human started to being born without any reproduction capacity after different problems which arose after 2056 E.C. Several projects were created to get around this problem—amongst them there were PROGENITORE, which later became the official human reproduction process. PROGENITORE's labs developed a way to taking part of the DNA of up to four individuals to produce an embryo. There were no limits to human editing—couples of any color, sexual orientation, or social class could have a baby.
PROGENITORE project was such a success for centuries that most people don't even know there was another way to reproducing. The labs of the project earned so much money they completely obliterate their competitors and took over the narrative on how children are generated—as well as how human life originated in the Earth OPN1 (Original Planet Number 1).
Do you know what else people aren't aware of? Of what happens in the basement of those labs. We, from FMR (Free Media Resistance), are going to prove slavery doesn't end—it only changes shape. May the luck be with us all.